Illustration & Art

I really enjoy drawing, illustration and animation. Here are some of my off the wall creations.
Water Colours / Digital Illustrations / Sketching & Food Art.

Childrens Book

Adventures of Major & Herbie – Two hounds

Major and Herbie are the biggest fans of ‘Dewi Nash’. They have all his posters in their bedroom and even had tickets to his world tour. But then his guitar is stolen and they go in search of the Lost Guitar. Next stop Nashville where he was last spotted. View Blog


Country Life Acrylics

With fast and changing times we sometimes forget to pause and take a look at the old days and how much we enjoyed them. From the old oil lamp to the steam engines to the galvanised bath tub. These are days long gone but never forgotten. I use oil and water based paints but really enjoy the acrylic medium as it is fast drying and once i begin the painting I finish it in the moment.