I am a graphic designer but have always loved animation. Background art has always interested me. I recently completed and really enjoyed a Traditional to Digital Backgrounds Course (Animation Skillnet) in May to June 2021 and it really gave me a glimpse into background artists role within the animation production process.

Below are my original backgrounds from recent course and more. (Tools: Photoshop & Wacom Tablet)

Hay Field Background, Animation Skillnet, Course Task
Innishannon Village, Perspective Study, Animation Skillnet,
Arboretum Garden Centre, Killkenny Road
My Living Room, Kilmaglin, Carlow
Mountain background, Animation Skillnet, Course Task
Hay Field Background Refs and sketches, Animation Skillnet, Course Task
Perspective Study, Animation Skillnet, Course Task
Subject Positioning, Animation Skillnet Course Task
Foreground, Midground & Background Contrasting, Animation Skillnet, Course Task

The Major and Herbie Show

Personal Illustrated Animation Project (Adventures of two hounds.)
Major and Herbie take flight in search of their music idol, Dewi Nash.
Major and Herbie sit down to watch the Dewi Nash Show
Background of Stage
Major and Herbie find dewi nash in cave after loosing his confidence.
Quick Background of Nashville Streets