This project is a good sample of my design process. 


The client VOSOFT have a Software as a Service (SaaS) application using Web 2.0 technology. The application simplifies meeting room reservations. Instant booking of meeting rooms, conference rooms, studios, labs and other facilities. A new brand was needed with major improvement to user interface and experience.

My process: 

Branding  –  Requirement Gathering  –  Design Alternatives & Prototyping  –  Evaluation. 


Book Meeting Room is an existing business with a current worldwide client base. They needed a new brand and development of the user interface. I sat down with company and we figured out the direction of the new brand. A new lease of life was needed with a more user friendly and attractive interface. I began with the new logo. I always create a logo in black and white at first to get a better idea of the aspect and overall shape of the logo. After many iterations we decided on a minimalistic icon that would work well in mobile and across all media. The colour palette used would also give futuristic and universal appeal. 


Requirement Gathering

We gathered both Quantitative and Qualitative data by user observationuser surveys and interviews with existing users.

Book Meeting Room has an existing website and application so we used data from previous customers at this stage. With over 10 years of servicing users, we used support questions and customer feedback from previous issues to establish user pain points, frustrations and needs. We also created User Personas at this stage from previous users to find out the who, what, when and goals of users. A user hierarchical task analysis gave us a good example of what the user needed to do to complete his or her task. A UI Critique of current interface helped us establish what it does well and what it needed to improve.

Persona & Scenario
Initial sketched out user journey

Design Alternatives & Prototyping

The existing website is functional but needed an injection of energy and improvement to user experience. The website’s main CTA would be for users to register with the service and avail of the 30 day free trial option. I designed the the website to focus on this and enable the user to register easier with the service. 

  • I did initial sketching to establish the user persona, user journey and the sitemap of website with the company directors. 
  • Then I did up wireframes to show the best route for the users to complete their task.
  • I then designed the new home/landing page with all the focus to guide users towards registration.
  • (below is new website with branding and and responsive layout)


This process was done with a demo site and current users were asked to rate it and give feedback. I worked with main stakeholders to establish what the application lacked and what the user feedback was and what modification were needed. This was done by email marketing and linking secure demo area. The results were used to produce the digital assets below.

UI Elements 

I designed a basic UI Design kit for developers to use when developing web app. New branding to use with action buttons and menus.

Final Layered Files

This is the new design for internal application for The design will respond well in mobile also. With so many current users happy with most of the functionality of old website/app we kept alot of what was there but made it more user friendly with a clean layout. The colours used here are just to show that you can personalise the interface colours when using the app. New branding will be in place when you first use trial version.