Digital Marketing Plan for

Brand Story

A company that grew out of a necessity. In 2009, Gillian fell ill and was diagnosed with a brain tumor which resulted in the loss of her job. Once successfully operated on, Gillian needed to find work in a bad recession.

So she asked herself the question “What are you good at?” “Typing” was the reply. After acquiring a great domain name, ‘’ began its journey. Knowing the demand in transcription service sector she focusing more on audio than copy typing.

Friendly – Confidential – Accurate – Fast

What does the company want to achieve ?

The company wants to maintain and service its existing client base and reach out to new potential customers while increasing brand awareness.

Identify 3 brands that have similar manifesto/value systems to this business ?

  • Volvo (Honest & dependable )
  • Ronseal (Does what it says on the tin!)
  • Paypal (Secure and Confidential)

Identify 3 competitors and analyse their strengths and weaknesses

    An online transcription service which is very user friendly and quick to use and get instant quote.
    Strengths: – Easy of use, online quick quote system & well branded.
    Weaknesses:- Confidentiality is weak as audio can be sent to multiple freelance transcriptionists. Accuracy and price can’t be measured unless audio sample is reviewed first.