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I joined this company in February 2019 and was tasked with creating a fresh brand and redeveloping the website. The dated logo and legacy branding need a new direction. The company is an engineering firm so I focused on their core strengths, which was precision, quality and dependability. Once we established the branding and logo, it was incorporated on all company external signage, stationary, wayward signs, internal information screens and online avenues.

We did various branding exercises to work out the company brand. One involved choosing 3 – 5 words that describes the company.




The initial website development consisted of interviewing and feedback from shareholders in establishing the website layout and function. Primarly it would be brochure website that showcases the company’s products. With initial sketching and and wireframing in balsamiq software we quickly designed structure. 



The website homepage gets you straight into the main products that the company manufactures. With the main CTR being a call back or use of live chat customer support option ensuring quick response. The feedback was very good from all involved and customers and trading partners have also been impressed. The live chat has been useful in providing customers in asia and america direct access to company for queries and future business.


With the new training facility PTAC  has been installed with the backing and funding from Enterprise Ireland. Below is proposed web app for training course website and bookings.



This role really was hands on. Once the branding and the online presence was complete, I begun to spread the branding across the whole company from building signage, infographics, factory display screens and general graphic design work.


The company had no real online presence and social media was not really explored. So it was a real opportunity to expand all online and social media avenues. Linkedin and Youtube have been really successful in enhancing the brand. With online videos of products been made and in turn pushing them to linkedin has really created an interest, and has showed the increase in followers.


Digital Marketing Case study

PB Machine Tech

PB Machine Tech increases brand
awareness with social media and new
online presence.

by Paul O’Sullivan



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