UI Design/Mobile App Design


The RTE/Operation Transformation website and web app ran in tandem with the RTE TV Programme.

I created all website/UI design on this project. RTE branding guidelines had to also be followed. The Operation Transformation TV series website and app were designed and developed within a tight deadline and was delivered on time for the beginning of TV Series in 2012 and 2013.

Both app and website needed to be up to date with tv series updates.


As a team at Activeonline we developed the user journey and experience over many brainstorming meetings.

The aim was to make it easy for the user to  firstly register and then to participate in the week by week programme both on the app and the website with regular weigh-ins, exercise videos and menu updates.

We began with initial sketching and wireframing and then created UI prototypes in adobe photoshop. Regular reviews with client through a click through platform was essential at development stage. Positioning of sponsors and advertising was also done at this stage, with safe food as main sponsor.

The web app and website were very effective and generated a serious data space issue in first week with the amount of people registering once the TV series begun. 

We had to increase hosting capacity to maintain influx of new user numbers. The weekly video really brought an interactive element for the user and regular weigh-ins really focused the person on achieving their goals.

The project was a huge success and the feedback was excellent.