Branding / Web Design / Development and SEO

This is my pet project since 2010. My wife was diagnosed and operated on for a brain tumor in 2009 and was out of work for along time and had to give up her job. But thankfully she made a full recovery. The Economy wasn’t exactly buoyant, so the job situation was limited. With this we decided set up a business and earn an income.

I asked her what are you good at?

Typing, was the reply !

We got a great domain www.typist.ie (It does what it says on the tin!) and built the brand which was more targeted at the audio transcription market rather than traditional copy typing services. I developed the logo and website over time into a responsive website with good seo and well researched google ads.

She is currently No.1 in Ireland for the term ‘ typing service’ & ‘transcription service’. Initially we relied on organic listings due to budget but once the business grew we had option to allocate a monthly budget to our google ads spend which really has made the difference.

With clients nationally and internationally it is real success story that I’m proud to be part of.


We are currently doing up user profiles and identifying customer pain points and needs. With students and business professionals as the main audiences we are going to tailor the different needs of each.



Facebook and Instagram has proved to be a valuable marketing tool in getting the company’s brand across while also targeting specific groups. The brand of a friendly and professional service is the main emphasis.